Friday, July 19, 2013


My family has had a few visitors this week.
 Baby Kurryn came over with his Grandma (my sister Dea).
He's here from Tulsa, OK.
 Isn't he sweet?
I can't wait to make up some sweaters and hats for him to wear this winter.
 My youngest sister, Annie, was here for two nights seeing her son, Little Ty, who has been staying with us this summer.  Kurryn took the opportunity to puke on Aunt Annie.  lol
Kurryn isn't too sure about Big Daddy.  Apparently, Kurryn doesn't like mustache's.  So, guess who shaved his mustache the day after Kurryn was here???  Yep, Big Daddy.  I guess he wants to be ready for Kurryn's next visit.

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