Friday, July 19, 2013


Yesterday, Big Daddy, Little Ty and I went to get Small T from Nursing Camp.
 We attended the Assembly meeting where they gave a presentation about the camp and everything they did while there.  Here's Small T (with the microphone and in the plaid shirt) giving her part of the presentation.
This is the group of kids that attended the camp.
I was disappointed to see that very few parents attended the Assembly.  What's up with that???
One of her favorite things about camp was learning to insert and IV.  And don't worry, she's working on a dummy...isn't not real blood.  And 19 people ahead of her already worked on this same dummy so she didn't do all that blood by herself.  Scary, right???
By the time Nursing Camp was over, she learned a great deal, had a lot of questions answered, and is closer to deciding what she wants to do...which was the whole point of going to the camp.  She now knows that a nursing career is definitely for her.

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