Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Fun...

We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to pick up some groceries and a few other things.
As have to travel to get to a Wal-Mart.
Well, you have to travel to get to just about any store.  At least where I live.
 One of my favorite sights...the Miami Bridge across the Missouri River.
It's about 15 miles from where I live and once you cross it, it's another 15 or so to Wal-Mart.
My efforts to entertain Little Ty inspired the above purchases.
There are 300 water balloons, with Big C bringing home another 300.  We have a "family water balloon fight" scheduled for Sunday in the early afternoon.
There is a 750 piece puzzle.  Little Ty likes putting puzzles together and has been wanting to buy one for more than a month or so now.
Then there is the "Witchblade" TV series.  We plan to have a movie marathon one day soon.
And last, but not least, are two decks of cards, two boxes of dice, and a set of Yahtzee score cards.  We can play all kinds of card games (his favorite is Canasta), Farkle and Yahtzee.
So...we are set for a little while on "entertainment".
Now...while we were there getting the groceries, I bought the items needed for S'Mores after we get through grilling tomorrow evening.  I also bought the items needed for a Nacho Night and a Root Beer Float night.  All fun things to eat sometime this week.  :)  My kids are loving it that Little Ty is here.  We don't do these things a whole lot since my kids are always out and about in the evenings.

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