Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big C is Off To College

Bright and early Thursday morning, we were on the road headed to college.
Big C started off in the lead and immediately lost his dad and I.  At the next big town, we took the lead and I swear...Big C was determined to run over us.  We must have been taking too long to get there.
 Big Daddy thought it was funny that I was taking a photo of this whole scenario.  Big C even sent me a snapshot of his speedometer which ended up in a phone call from me telling him to quit messing around with his texting, no photo taking and no facebook...he's driving, for crying out loud!
 It took about two hours, but we finally got his stuff moved in, his bed put together and his futon set up.  This is his "little side of the room".  He still had the TV, the printer, etc. to put together and his clothes to put away, but he was ready for us to leave.  Like right now.
 Here's his desk area.  Not very big.  At all.  And he's a big boy.
One final photo, for which Big C didn't care to pose...he was impatient.  This photo really took me by surprise too.  You see, at the beginning of Summer, Big C and his dad were the same height.  Looks like Big C had another growth spurt without me being aware of it.
Anyway...good luck Big C!  I miss you already!!!

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