Monday, September 1, 2014


Even though I use sunscreen, the amount of time that I spend is the sun has really did a number on my face.  I have a LOT of wrinkles now, but especially on the left side of my face, which has more sun exposure.  I've never been very good at using products and creams on my face, but yesterday I started using two products:  an age-defying night repair cream and a daytime moisturizer.  I'm hoping to see some good results out of these products before I buy the full-size bottles of them.  They are quite expensive, but if they work, then it's worth it.
Here are my "before" photos.
 Can you see the wrinkles?  Yikes!
 This side isn't too awful bad...
but this side is HORRIBLE.
I'm too young to have this many wrinkles!!!

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