Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Yesterday morning, I finished Block #24 of the Knit A Block A Week Challenge that I'm participating in.
I knitted 45 of the rows on Sunday, then finished it up yesterday.  It felt good to have the square knitted up so quickly for a change.  I wonder if I'm finally getting the hang of the knit stitch.
This square is made with Caron's Simply Soft yarn in the color Off White.  I had to buy another skein of this since I had used all of it that I had in my stash.  This skein purchase now means that I've bought two skeins of yarn to keep this blanket going.  Originally, I started it with yarn out of my yarn stash in the colors Blueberry, Lavender Blue, Woodland Heather, Light Country Peach, Off White and Bone.  I recently added the color Victorian Rose, which was the first purchased skein of yarn.
I'm excited to see my stack of finished blocks growing each month.  I'm getting closer and closer to the half way point of this challenge and I'm also working on my knitting skills at the same time.  It's a win-win situation for me.  :)

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