Friday, March 29, 2013

Update - Knitted Baby Blanket

I had to get up early this morning and get Small T off to work at the flower shop, so I had plenty of time to sit down and knit.  I knitted 25 rows and finished up the 3rd skein of yarn.  I've added the 4th skein now and knitted one whole row with it.  lol  But, I'm getting closer to finishing this blanket up now.  I think I've given the wrong color for the yarn I'm using.  I'm using Fruit Punch (not Fiesta) in the Red Heart With Love yarn.  I have no idea why I keep calling it Fiesta.  I must be losing my marbles lately.  Anyway, I'm really loving this yarn, as I've said many times before.  lol


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    1. I think so too. It's interesting that it striped out that way for the 2nd skein of yarn. :)