Monday, March 18, 2013

The Weekend...

It's been kind of a crazy weekend, in a way.  I had unlimited time to crochet or knit, BUT I also had major amounts of itching and scratching going on.  I have to say that the itching brought out the creativity in me though.  It inspired me to work on a couple of things for myself (which I've been putting off).
 First, I took this scarf I made (and didn't end up liking) and ripped it apart.
 I used that yarn to make myself a Slouchy Hat and Curly Fries Scarf.  These will be perfect for the Spring Baseball Season (which starts this weekend).  I'm wearing some of the school colors while rooting on Big C.
 I guess I was acting pretty miserable during the day on Saturday because Big Daddy gave me a pedicure (for the very first time) and he did a great job!  I felt super pampered!  If I had known that all it took to get one of these was a bunch of spots, I might have considered the Three Day Measles earlier in our almost 19 years of marriage.  :)  lol
  Saturday night, I managed to complete another Slouchy Hat using the last of the yarn that Big Daddy bought me for Valentine's Day.  This was the Simply Soft yarn in Sunset.
And on Sunday, I made a matching Curly Fries Scarf to go with the Slouchy Hat.
 Then I made myself another (yes...another) Slouchy Hat using some Simply Soft yarn out of my stash.  The color is Dk. Country Blue.  This is not only something that I've been needing but it's also a Stash Buster Project.  Woo Hoo!
And finally, I was admiring the fading spots last night before going to bed.  I'm so happy to see the spots going away.  However...I'm still itching.  *sigh*  I will be so glad when it's over.  :)


  1. big hugs hope you are now spot and itchy/scratch free. how lovely of your DH to give you a pedicure...he must love you lots. Loving those slouchy hats and curly scarves you have put your time to great use :)

    1. Thanks Sally! I still have some spots and itchiness but it's getting better. Finally. Glad you like the slouchy hats and curly scarves! Yep, I have a loving hubby. Sometimes. lol. I try his patience a lot of the time. :)