Monday, March 11, 2013

Slouchy Mesh Hat (Stash Buster)

Saturday night, while waiting for the kids to get home, I decided to try a new pattern out.  It's called the Slouchy Mesh Hat and you can find the pattern here .  
I used a few partial skeins of Caron's Simply Soft yarn out of my stash.  The colors were Soft White, Ocean and Plum Perfect.  The photo of the three of them together just doesn't do them justice.  I tried to get Small T to model them for me, but she wasn't in the mood.  These hats are really, really cute and very trendy at the moment.  Small T said I should make a bunch of these as her friends at school will all want one.  So, that's a point in favor for this pattern.  Also, it takes less than half a skein of yarn to make one of these.  Seriously.
 (The three hats.)
(I tried to get a better view of the soft white one so you could see the detail.)
**Edited to add...Small T DID take a photo of her in the hat.  Here it is.

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