Sunday, March 10, 2013


You know, I have a confession.  I've decided that I really like to knit.  I'm amazed.  Because I really, really love to crochet.  It's my first love.  It's rather bothersome that right now the knitting is taking away from my crocheting time.  But, I try to make sure that I do have a crochet project (or two) going so that I won't completely ignore my favorite yarn craft.  
Anyway, since I finished the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket, I needed another knitting project.  While I'm learning all about knitting, I decided to make another baby blanket.  This time, I chose a yarn that has been calling my name for weeks now.  Every time I walk down the yarn aisle at Wal-Mart, I just have to stop and admire it.  I couldn't pass it up a few days ago, though and I bought 3 skeins of it.  After all, 2 skeins probably wouldn't be enough.  It never is.
 Yesterday, we were traveling for a bit and I took the one of the new skeins of yarn with me and started the baby blanket.  I cast on 125 stitches and I'm using a size 10 circular needle.
I'm showing a close-up of the yarn because it just looks so fabulous!  I love the mixture of the green, orange, deep pink, blue and other slight color variations.  The yarn is Red Heart with Love and the color is called Fruit Punch.  It reminds me of the Hawaiian Punch colors (somewhat).  Yummy!