Friday, March 15, 2013

Update - Knitted Baby Blanket

I worked really hard at it today and finished working up the first skein of yarn on the knitted baby blanket a little bit ago.  I'm so proud to finally have the first skein finished.  Now it's on to the second skein!  


  1. It is looking beautiful! I love the look and feel of knit prjects, ...but they take longer than crochet, don't they? That is why I usually take turns between knit/crochet

    1. Ana BC...I too love the look and feel of knitted items but I am not fast at it. I can crochet much, much faster. However, I am trying to make a few knitted items and work on my skills even though it takes me forever to finish something. :) Like you, I seem to have a knitting project going while I'm working on crochet projects. If not, I would feel like I am getting nothing done.