Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update - Granny Stripe Afghan

The Granny Stripe Afghan is growing by leaps and bounds!  I didn't realize it was getting so big.  But, then again, Small T isn't even five foot tall, so it's still got a ways to go before it's finished.  I have to make the afghans to fit the guys in the house too!  lol  I've just started the third pattern section and I've planned five sections if I have enough yarn to do it.  Small T said she really likes this blanket so that's like a "high five" when it comes to her.  She also said that if the Super Fast & Easy Throw disappears it's because she's laid claim to it.  She seldom wants anything I make, so that's like another "high five".  I'm on a roll here.  lol


  1. it is looking wonderful! great progress...

    1. thank you! i started working on the border a little while ago so i'm on the home stretch now. :)