Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crochet Tip

I have been crocheting since I was a kid.  I learned through 4-H when I was approximately 10 years old.  I've been through periods of time when I didn't crochet anything, and then periods of time where I crocheted something every single day.  Through all of this, I have learned a few things.  But I still have many, many things to learn.  One of my most useful tips came about just a few months ago.  I've always read where you should use a tapestry needle to weave in your ends.  I've never done that.  Nope, never.  I always worked over the ends as I was crocheting or wove them in with a crochet hook.  A few months ago, I picked up one of my bigger needles and used it to sew something on one of my crochet projects.  Then, I used it to weave in one of my ends.  Ever since then, I've been hooked.  I use it to sew in each and every yarn end now.  The finished product looks so much better and it's way easier to hide those ends.  Not to mention, it's a lot easier too.  This is a very simple tip, but probably my useful one.  Use those tapestry needles!  :)


  1. I was taught to weave in my ends with a tapestry needle..I thought everyone did it this way until now..I would have told you sooner :)

    1. I guess it's something we take for granted. Thanks though. AT least I finally figured it out. :)

  2. I did the same thing. Tried it once and was blown away by the result !