Friday, February 1, 2013

White Knitted Blanket

I didn't do any crocheting at all yesterday.
Instead, I felt the urge to knit for a bit.
I started this White Knitted Blanket on January 30th of 2012.
I went back through my records and realized I hadn't worked on it since March 1st.  Geez!
So, I took it out and spent some time with it yesterday.
I think I hadn't been working on it because it has a few mistakes in it.  Plus, I'm not a very good knitter and it takes me a long time to make any progress.  
This is one of the few pieces of knitting that I have actually not ripped out, so....maybe I will eventually get it done, mistakes and all.


  1. I know what you mean...knitting takes longer than crochet. But it looks good to me...

  2. thanks. i'm not a fast knitter at all. i ended up getting about 8 rows added to the blanket and i felt like i was constantly working on it. but that's ok.