Friday, February 22, 2013

Something for me...

I seldom make anything for "me".
Yesterday, I decided it was time to make myself a new hat and scarf.
 For Valentine's Day, Big Daddy bought me some absolutely fabulous yarn that I've been mooning over for a month or more.  He bought 2 skeins each of Caron's Simply Soft yarn in the colors Stick & Stones and Sunset.  I used the Stick & Stones yarn yesterday.  I love the muted colors of it and it's sooooo soft.
 Here's the hat I made.  I used The Every Day Beanie pattern but changed it up a bit because I have a "big" head.  I also added the flower embellishment.  It's not showing up very well in this photo though.
 Here's a better look at the hat.  I just look like "crap".  Oh well.  It's not about me, it's about the "hat".
 Then I made a Curly Fries Scarf to go with the hat.  I LOVE this pattern.  Seriously.  I wore my original Curly Fries Scarf to school Wed. and I was tickled pink to be wearing it.  :)
Here are the scarf and hat together.  The lighting is so bad this time of year.  Sorry.  Crummy photos again.  I even tried using my good camera as well as the camera on the phone.  Nothing was turning out right.  Oh well.  I love these two items anyway.  :)