Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Game

Tuesday night was Big C's last ball game.
Not only was it his last game of the year, it was his last game of his high school career.
In a way, that's sad, if you think about it.
They ended up losing, and his feelings were pretty out there after the game.
It was one of those situations where you just don't talk to him until he can be civil.  Ever have your kids act this way?  It's fairly common for us.  Or at least it happens enough that we are aware of what to do when it does happen.  It's called "keep your mouth shut until he cools down a bit".  lol
 The battery was dead in my "big" camera so I had to resort to the camera on my phone.  Thus, the very "shaky" photos.  Sorry.
Out of the dozen or so photos that I took, only these two were good enough to share.  *sigh*  Such is life sometimes. that Basketball season is over, it's time to prepare for Track and Spring Baseball Season.  Baseball and Softball are my favorite sports to watch, so I'll be a happy camper again.

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