Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dinner Menu - Sat. & Sun.

Well....I am reporting our dinner menu for the yesterday and today.  Yesterday, Big Daddy said he would take care of dinner.  So, he ordered out.  *sigh*  We had pizza.  It was good, but it involved spending money.  Well, his money.  So I guess I'm ok with that.  :)

Today, is Super Bowl Sunday.  Big Daddy went shopping on Friday and again, using his money, because I refused to spend the entire week's grocery budget on one day of food, he bought everything he plans on cooking today.  Yep, he's cooking.  Apparently, we are having Chicken Wings (with various sauces), Nacho's, Summer Sausage & Cheese, Veggie Tray, Sub Sandwiches, Chips & Dip, and whatever else he bought.  So...I have another free day in the kitchen.

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