Saturday, February 2, 2013

Up-Down Infinity Scarf - Stash Buster - Project #7

I really didn't need to start another project, especially a knitting project, but I couldn't help myself.  I just love this pattern and it inspired me enough to give it a try.  You see, I have made NOTHING that's knitted that requires me to follow a pattern.  NOTHING.  With the help of a few tutorials off You Tube, I was able to get this going.  
This photo shows the two colors that I had finished so far.
 And now, I'm adding the fourth.
I tried really hard not to twist the scarf, but I ended up doing it somehow.  I didn't notice it until I started adding the black yarn last night.  I briefly thought about ripping the whole thing out and starting over, but I changed my mind.  I'll just keep it the way it is.  Surely, it won't be too noticeable once it's wound around the neck.  Anyway, I hope to finish this up over the weekend.  I'm so proud of myself for getting as much done as I have.
The yarn I'm using is out of my stash of Simply Soft yarn.  Therefore, this counts as a Stash Buster Project for me.  I have a fairly good supply of this yarn in a big bag, so I could probably make a few of these and still have plenty of yarn left over for something else.

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