Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stash Buster - Project #7 - Up-Down Infinity Scarf

Well....I did it!!!!!!!!!!
I am SO HAPPY!!!!
I actually followed a knitting pattern all by myself!
AND  I finished the project!
Introducing the finished Up-Down Infinity Scarf.
 The free pattern can be found here .
I totally enjoyed working this scarf up and plan to do another one sometime soon.
Here's a better view of the color detail.  Small T said it's so soft and scrummy and if I'd made it a different color pink...she would be wearing it now.
This scarf was made with Simply Soft yarn in White, Watermelon, Grey Heather, and Black.
I want to say a big THANKS to Ana BC for sharing this pattern on her blog .  You should stop by and check out all the wonderful projects. :)


  1. It's lovely you are doing really well :)

  2. Love the colours Shelly - it looks fab! You really do make some great things...and soooo fast!

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  4. Thanks to both of you! I was inspired to get this knitted....honestly. I was so happy with actually being able to follow a knitting pattern that I just couldn't put it down.

  5. You are so welcome, Shelly!!! I am so glad you liked it and tried it. The changing of colors makes it so much fun, doesn' it? I really like your version. It is so cute. Congratulations!!!

  6. Thanks Ana BC! You've been a big inspiration for me this year! I loved changing the colors!!! I think it really MADE the scarf. :) And I liked switching between knit and purl every five rows. The texture was wonderful!