Wednesday, February 13, 2013

White Knitted Baby Blanket

Within the last hour, I finished the White Knitted Baby Blanket.  Yep, the one that I've been slowly working on for over a year now.  I think it's actually the perfect size for a Lovey Blanket instead of being a bigger sized one.  This blanket has been claimed by Small T for her future children.  :)  Imagine that.  Probably because I seldom do any knitting and she had better latch onto it while she can.  
 Here's the blanket, all folded up, on my project notebook.
And here it is all stretched out on my carpet.  The color isn't showing up well, as usual, and that's probably because I used my cell phone to take the photo.
This blanket was made using Lion Brand Pound of Love in White.  I used less than half of the skein of yarn.    And I used size 9 circular knitting needles.  If I remember correctly, I cast on 100 stitches for this blanket.  Before adding the border, it measured 22" wide and 25" tall.  I added a crochet border of 4 rows of sc.  The entire body of the blanket was done in the knit stitch.