Saturday, February 2, 2013

Granny Stripes Scarf - Stash Buster- Project #6

Well, I couldn't go another day without picking up my crochet hook.  I subbed at school yesterday, so I took a partial skein yarn, this pattern, and my crochet hook with me.  I ended up getting most of this scarf done.  Then, I finished up a few more rows (I worked 80 rows) and added the tassels once I got home.  I really like this scarf and I plan to make more of them.  
I used Simply Soft yarn in Blue Mint and an I crochet hook.
I also like that I had a partial skein of yarn, a little over half, I think....and I was able to make this whole scarf.  I have a small ball of the yarn left even.
This is the 6th project in the Stash Buster Challenge for me.  I have a pretty good sized bag of Simply Soft yarn in my stash that I've been dying to start on.  This is a good project for using it.


  1. It;s lovely Shelly love the colour :)

  2. Love the scarf - I've just started my first granny stripes project, a metre square charity baby blanket. I'll have to stash bust with some scarves too!

  3. I love the granny scarf is this color. Really beautiful!!! I am so glad you tried it ;-)
    Ana BC

  4. Julia & Ana daughter saw the blue scarf and said she planned on borrowing it often. lol's a keeper. i offered to make her a few in the colors of her choice too. my daughter is 15 and very fashion conscious, so anything that she will wear is definitely fashionable. :) it's a great pattern in my book!