Friday, December 13, 2013


The week before (and during) Thanksgiving was a very busy time for us.  You see, the Saturday after Thanksgiving was our Wine Family Christmas, which meant that family would be coming from far and wide. home was opened to many of them.  This included DK, Rose and Little Miss E (formerly Baby E).  DK is one of my nephews and he was coming home for his final visit before being deployed for Afghanistan today.  We were lucky enough to have DK and his little family for 6 whole days.  I thought I would share with you a few photo highlights of their stay.
 Big Daddy and I hate spending all day long in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, so we always cook as much stuff as possible the day before.  This photo shows Big Daddy sitting at the table de-boning a turkey while Little Miss E is eating noodles and sharing some good conversation with Big Daddy.
 While this was going on, her dad was giving her mom some crap and sitting on her lap and such.
 Little Miss E sure likes her noodles.  lol
 On Thanksgiving Day, everyone hurried up and ate lunch then left Big Daddy, Little Miss E and I to clean up all the aftermath.  I was very unhappy about this, but Little Miss E came in the kitchen with me and kept me company while I was putting all the food away and getting started on the dishes.  She thoroughly enjoyed my Tupperware cabinet.  Can you tell?  In fact, while she was in there, I figured out that she was taking a poop.  Imagine that.
 During their stay, my sister Annie, Little Miss E's grandma, was able to spend a bit of quality time with her without having mom and dad underfoot.
 Then we had the "sardine episode".  When DK was little, Big Daddy would feed him sardines.  In fact, he did this with all the little kids, much to my sisters' dismay.  And the kids always loved the sardines.  Weird, right?  So...while DK was home, Big Daddy made sure to buy him some sardines.  Sort of like a "guy bonding" type of thing.  DK immediately opened a can of them and was trying to feed Little Miss E some of them and she kept saying "no" and shaking her head.
 After several tries, DK finally got Little Miss E to try a bite of them and she promptly spit them out.  lol
 Big C was also home for the holiday and it was good to see the two buddies spending some time together.  It's hard with DK in the army and Big C at college.  This type of cuddling that they are doing is nothing unusual for them.  Big C plucks DK's eyebrows, DK sleeps with Big C...all cuddled up and spooned together, etc..  They are too funny sometimes!
 Then we have this photo.  I really wish it wasn't fuzzy.  Poor Little Miss E.  Daddy on one side and Uncle Buck (Big C) on the other.  They were giving her some love.
Finally, at our Wine Family Christmas, I managed to have one whole photo taken with my camera.  This is it.  It shows all of us kids, minus our oldest sister as she passed away a few years ago.  It's a good thing we love our only brother or he would be in trouble.  He's the retiring fire chief in the town where he lives and we had our Christmas get-together in the meeting room at the fire house.  Big Brother also gave everyone that wanted one, a ride in one of the fire trucks.  Of course, I took him up on the offer and enjoyed a ride around town.  
But...back to the photo...Annie is on the left (she is the one living with us right now), then me, then our brother Jerry, then Lea (standing in front of him), then Marie (all the way to the right) and Dea is standing in the back holding on to the truck.  There were six girls all together and one boy in our family.  Seven kids total.
At the Christmas party, I had arranged to have a photographer come and take photos of our family and also our individual family units, so once I get my copies of those, I will add a few of them on here.  My sister, Marie, also took a bunch of photos and she has offered to share them with me as well.  If there are any good ones, I'll post a few of them too.

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