Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2 More Projects

Seriously....I need my head examined today.  I've lost my marbles.
Tonight, when I was downstairs doing laundry, I decided to look through my yarn stash for the Red Heart Sashay Boutique Scarf "yarn" that I have.  I thought I could whip them up really quick for a couple of Christmas gifts.  (I always think I can do something more than what I can really accomplish...and someday I will learn my lesson.  Maybe this is the year I will learn it.)
 The skein on top is called Twist and the skein on the bottom is called Salsa.
Small T saw them and said she wanted the scarves since she liked both the colors and that I needed to buy something else if I wanted to make any gifts.  So...I somehow let her talk me into making them for her.  Usually she's not very self-serving and thinks of others first, but apparently not when it comes to her scarf fetish.
I started working up the Salsa skein.  I don't have much of it done yet, but it will go pretty fast once I set my mind to it.
 I also dug out my Red Heart With Love yarn (I don't have much of it) and I decided to make Little Miss E and quick poncho with the Navy and the Pewter skeins.  It won't use all of it, but I dug it all out just in case.  I'm using the blue and gray, which seems like an odd combo for a little girl, but it's the school colors where she and her mom live.  Her mom is a Junior in HS so it won't hurt little miss to have something in the school colors as well.
 Image of Seashell Poncho
This is the poncho I'm going to make.  It can be found on the Lion Brand website. 
Sea Shell Poncho  click for the pattern
I'm wondering if I can get all of these done by Christmas.  I'll have to pace myself, that's for sure!

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