Monday, December 30, 2013


It's that time of the year again....time to finish up all those WIP's sitting around the house.
I started looking through my bags of yarn and such and found these:
 the Pink Camo knitted Baby Blanket....of which I worked 10 rows on this afternoon/evening....
and also the Scrap Baby Blanket (using the Bouncy Ball Baby Blanket pattern) which is a Stash Buster Project that I started.....
and I managed to add one square this evening and started on a second.
I also have 2 other WIP's at the moment.  They are the Dottie Angel Scrap Blanket and the Grape Fizz Color-ific One Piece Throw.  I am making myself some daily goals with these WIP's and hopefully it won't be long before I have them finished.
Now...I also have 2 bags of yarn that people have brought to me and asked me to make items with the yarn.  So...I have 2 Teen/Adult Earflap Hats to make as well as a scarf.  I will need to start on these asap and they will be finished long before all the WIP's that I have.  Well, that's my update on current projects that I need to finish.  Do you have a WIP list that you need to finish up as well?


  1. You have some nice projects on the go, Shelly.
    I want to wish you a happy new year 2014, and thank you for participating in the Stash-buster challenge. May be you lost count, but I am sure you made A LOT this year. I enjoyed watching your progress and your tadah's. God bless you, and keep the good work! Linda will still be stash-busting this year. Hope to see you there...
    Ana BC

    1. Thank you! I'm really trying to finish up my current WIP's so I can get to some new projects. I hate having a bunch of unfinished items.
      I have really enjoyed seeing all the projects you have made as well!
      I'm checking out Linda's blog in a bit. Happy new year!