Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've finished up the needlework that I've been working on.  When I broke out my tin of supplies to work on Super D's face, I found several pieces of needlework that I had started but not finished.  So...it was high time I completed them.
  Several years ago, I made what I call "Primitive Family Portraits".  They aren't everyone's style, but ... they do have a bit of uniqueness to them.
This one is for my sister Annie.  I just finished it.
This one is for my sister Lea.  I finished it yesterday.
I also have one for my sister Marie.  It was previously finished and in the tin.  The one for my sister Dea was given to her a couple of years ago.  Mine is the first one I made and it hangs on my bedroom wall.  I also need to frame the one I made of all my sisters and brother.  That will also go in my room.
Some of these will be given as Christmas presents after I frame them.  Speaking of frames, I had Big Daddy take me to the dollar store today so I could buy frames (and a lot of other stuff too...geez...I cannot be turned loose in that store...as I just love it!)  Tomorrow, in between cooking, I will have Big C help me frame these up and get them wrapped.  Saturday is our annual Wine Family Christmas and one set of family members live a long way away, so their gifts have to be handed out then as I won't see them again until after Christmas.  This also means that I need to make a couple of more hackey sacks asap.  Good thing they are easy to make.

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