Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Flu

It's that time of year again.  Yes, indeed.  Every year, right before Christmas, my kids come home from school with the flu.  God bless their hearts.  And I always pray that I won't get it and I have a 50/50 chance every time.  Last year, I got it.
 Small T was down ill last week with something different and missed 3 days of school.  I took her to the clinic on Saturday and they started her on an antibiotic.  Yesterday, she started running a high fever and was absent from school.  She woke up during the night last night vomiting.  It was so bad that we took her to the hospital.  They had to give her medication for the nausea.  Big Daddy is off getting a prescription filled for the same medication in hopes of getting the vomiting to quit.
While we were gone to the hospital, Big C called me.  He was headed to school to get Little Ty.  He was sick as well.  Thank God that Big C was home from college on break otherwise Little Ty would have been stuck at school until we could get back to town.  I called Little Ty's mom to let her know about the illness but she's away until at least tomorrow evening.  So...it's Aunt BB to the rescue!
Now all I need is for Big C, Medium J, Big Daddy and I to come down sick as well.  Big Daddy is picking up Lysol spray and wipes on the way home from the pharmacy so it will be cleaning time very, very soon.  I hope I can keep the germs contained!

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