Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coupons & Rewards Cards

It's that time of year again...Christmas shopping time.  I enjoy shopping but I enjoy it more when I don't have a budget.  This year, I have a budget.  Darn it!  With my children being young adults and teenagers, that means that their lists usually contain items not bought at Wal-Mart.  In other words, it's a trip to the mall.  Over the years, I have signed up for every store rewards card that we frequent and it really pays off.  I either have coupons that I've received in the mail or enough purchases on the rewards card that I get a percentage off that days purchase.  I saved the following on this years shopping trip:

Small T's Christmas Wish List consisted of a pair of Nike's, a pair of boots, a pair of black yoga pants, some nice panties, and some headbands.  A pretty decent list if you ask me.
Big C's list - Crown Royal (nope...he's a minor), money, clothes, and iTunes cards.
Medium J didn't have a list.

1 pair of Nike's at Finish Line - price $129.99 - I paid $92 and some change.  I had a $20 off coupon when you spend $100 and I had a $20 off total purchase rewards coupon for being a loyal customer.  And Small T was able to get the exact shoes that she wanted.  They didn't have her size, so she tried on a size smaller and a size larger and then they shipped her shoes to the house.  It was free shipping and we received them in 3 business days.  That's a great deal!

1 pair of riding boots at Journey's - price $59.99 - I paid $52 and some change.  I had a $10 off coupon for the store.  This wasn't as big of a savings, but at least I didn't pay full price for what Small T was wanting.  Big C is a frequent customer of this store, so with the coupons we get and the rewards card, we end up saving over the course of the whole year.

1 plaid dress shirt at American Eagle - price $49.99 - I paid $24 and some change.  The shirt was 40% off regular price and I had a percentage off on my rewards card.  By the way, this is for Medium J.

1 Big Bang Theory t-shirt at Hot Topic - price $29.99 - I paid $21 and some change thanks to my rewards card having a percentage off.  :)  This is for Little Ty.

7 pairs of panties, some headbands, and a bottle of perfume at Aerie - price $64.45 total - I paid $44 and some change.  I had a $20 coupon when you spend $60.  This was printed on my American Eagle receipt.

Now...the only thing I paid full price for was a pair of black yoga pants at Victoria's Secret.  They were less than $40 including a small bottle of my favorite perfume, so I think I saved enough on the other purchases to justify the full price at this store.

Then we went to MC Sports.  I bought 4 packages of Under Armour Socks and 3 packages of headbands here. My total price was $105 and I paid $90.  I had a $15 coupon.

The last place we stopped (for my shopping) was Goody's.  I bought a pair of men's slippers (reg price $30 on sale for $9.99), and a double breasted pea coat (reg price $50 on sale for $29.99) for a grand total of $39.98 plus tax.  I had a 30% off shopping spree coupon and my final total was $27.99.

We went to a few other places to do some shopping but since Small T was the one doing the shopping, I won't share her details on here....even though she shopped with coupons and rewards cards too.  She's a great shopper and loves getting brand name clothes without paying full price.  At one store, she ended up with an Under Armour sweatshirt (over $60), a pair of texting and sports gloves (over $30), a headwarmer (over $25) and paid less than $90.  She got what she wanted and saved over $25.  That's my girl!  She's best at hitting the clearance and on sale items and combining them with coupons and rewards savings.  That's how she is able to stock her closet with the clothes she wants.

On Black Friday, I sent Big C to the store where he shops - Casual Male XL.  He was in bad need of clothes.  He bought 4 pairs of khaki's, 2 polo shirts, a winter coat, a pair of jeans, a plaid dress shirt, 2 pairs of sweat pants, and  2 sweatshirts.  The coat, jeans and dress shirt were on sale and the rest of the items were buy one, get one free.  He ended up spending a little over $300 and I think that was a great deal.  For someone his size, the khaki's are regularly priced at $55 each and at buy one, get just can't pass that up.  It also helped that I had a coupon for save $30 when you spend $100.  :)  Go Mom!!!

So...that's my shopping savings.  

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