Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Ty

Well, the Whitney Family Curse has been passed on to Little Ty.  In case you don't know what the curse is, it's the curse of being clumsy and always getting hurt.
 Yesterday, before school, he was shooting hoops in the gym and went up for a block and came down wrong on his foot.  He said he heard it "pop".  He didn't want to come home and walked around all day at school on it.  Imagine that!
 After school, I picked him up, called his mom, and made arrangements for her to meet us at the hospital mid-way between us.  After x-rays, it was determined that he broke the bone on the side of his foot and also the bone near his growth plate at the ankle.  So...he will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Monday.  Until that time, he's in a moon boot and on crutches.  With four sets of crutches in our garage, we had a set he could use since the hospital was out of them in his size.  It's a good thing Small T is "small".  lol
I'm happy to report that Little Ty isn't letting the broken foot get him down.  In fact, he and I were rather excited over the crutches thing.  We gave each other a "high five" and his mom was like "really!".  lol  She thinks we are crazy!  I was like "dude, way to go...if you're going to get hurt, you need to do it right".  lol

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