Friday, December 13, 2013


We were a little late with getting things started for Christmas, but we finally took an evening after the kids went to bed, and started in on the wrapping of the gifts.
 In the process, Annie, Big Daddy and I, trashed the living room.  lol  It looks like a tornado hit!
Then, we had to get the tree up and decorated so we could put the gifts around it.  This year, Big Daddy surprised me with a purple tree.  That meant that we needed some new decorations.  What a treat!  I had fun shopping for some white and silver things to put on it.  Small T threw a huge fit over a purple tree and said she wasn't going to participate in the holiday if we put it up, but when it was time to start decorating, she changed her mind.  In fact, she said she's taking it to college with her when it's time for her to go.  Imagine that!  She must like it after all!

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