Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow...and Lights...

Big Daddy finally put up a few Christmas lights outside on the porch about a week ago.  I told him it wasn't necessary this year as he's not been feeling well, but he did a few anyway on the last decent weather day we've had.
 I particularly enjoy the lights he strung around the base of the bird house.  The red rope lights are looking good!
I also like the multi-colored lights that he hung up.  In fact, I just enjoy lights in general.  :)
I wasn't really planning to take any light photos tonight but I did it anyway as I wanted to show the beginnings of the snow that's falling (on top of the entire day of freezing rain).  We've had another sticking snow this month, but this one is supposed to land us with up to 6" of the wet stuff instead of they dry powdery kind we had the last time.

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