Monday, June 27, 2011


Let me tell you...yesterday was one of those days. Truly. It was really HOT at the pool. We had quite a few kids there to swim as well. This past week was a weird week since it was pretty cool and of course, rainy, most days. Thus, attendance at the pool was low. In any event, I was able to crochet half of a square during my work shift. Not bad, considering.
When I got home from work at about 8 pm, we watched a movie "Battle Los Angeles". It was "ok" but really...not my type of movie. So I'm not a great critic for it. Right after the movie ended, I started helping Small T finish her packing as she was leaving this morning for FFA camp. Then.....the power goes out. And stays out. Through some horrific storms. I was afraid to go to bed as I thought I wouldn't wake up and Small T would miss the bus to camp. So I stayed up until the power came back around 4 a.m.. *sigh* I was sooooooo tired. And what did I do to stay awake all those hours? I crocheted squares by lantern light. I finished up the first square that I started at work, then three more.
Of the squares, the color sequences look a bit "off" but I finished up the squares for the two separate color sequences that I am doing. And I started on the final three solid color squares. These squares are part of Throw #2.


  1. ...all my troubles seemed so far away, oh i believe in yesterday....

    this throw is gonna be amazing!

  2. oh, i believe in yesterday......
    thanks so much!
    i can't believe you're singing to ME now. lol