Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is the current state of the Dottie Angel Baby Blanket. I finished up the second strip this evening after work and also started on the third strip. (Pepper is keeping guard over it while he's sleeping. Trust me...he knows if you move it. LOL)
Here's my lifeguard. He worked at the pool today (out in the heat). He's been freezing ever since he got home. He's not only wrapped up in the quilt, but he has my winter fleece bathrobe on underneath it. I've taken a lot of razzing this month when I come home from the pool because I freeze to death in the air conditioning. Looks like there's one less person that will be razzing me from now on. :) In case you can't tell...this is Big C in the photo.
Medium J went for his oncologist visit today. It's been 6 weeks since his surgery. He got a good bill of health and doesn't go back for 3 months. Now, he starts learning to use his right leg again. He can start putting weight on it while still using his crutches, then gradually wean himself off of them. He should be walking almost normally by the time he goes back for his next visit. In this photo, you can see Medium J relaxing in one of the couch recliners, with Pepper on one side and Miss M sleeping on the other side.
And then....last but not least....is a photo of me. I'm at the computer desk in my favorite holey sweatshirt (covering my favorite nightgown). I'm sporting more of a tan that I did a month ago (and a few more wrinkles). The pile of junk behind me are things that we are clearing out of the house. Obviously, they need to be hauled out. You can also see the pile of crocheted squares waiting to be stitched together. That will be a project for over the weekend, possibly. Well, I'm off to bed for a decent night's sleep (hopefully) as I work at the pool again tomorrow and it's supposed to be even hotter than today. In fact, the next four days have excessive heat warnings. I'll be making sure that everyone stays hydrated, that's for sure. Have a good night!


  1. wow! so much going on! blankets are beautiful, glad j is ok, grins, debra

  2. a very sincere thank you for all of it! hugs!