Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Tan...30 days at the Pool

Well girls...this is what I look like on Day 29 of working at the pool. It's a horrible photo since no one would take a photo for me (Small T is at camp and the boys couldn't be bothered) and I had to do it myself. But, I think you can see my tan line on my shoulder. For those that will question me, yes...I use sunscreen each and every day. SPF 50, to be exact. Yes, I sit in the shade as much as possible. I usually get about an hour of full sun when we first open each afternoon and I do have to walk around periodically, but I try very hard to not be in the sun all of the time. 8 hours of it each day is just too much sun. By the way, I took this photo when I got home from the pool last night. I look like I had been put through the wringer, and that's exactly how I felt. (For the first time in two years, someone threw up in the pool...can you wasn't pretty and it was very hard to clean up.) Yesterday was the first day of the four day excessive heat warning for our area. It's supposed to be 100 degrees today for the actual temperature. Whew!

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