Monday, June 20, 2011

Finger Crochet Simple Scarf

I've been dreaming about making this scarf for quite some time now. I figured it was high time I sat down and made one to see how it comes out. Since the pattern was in my head, it needed to be wrote down. Here's what I came up with.

Finger Crochet Simple Scarf

Materials Needed:
2 skeins of yarn, any color (I used worsted weight yarn in the colors gray and white)
my fingers

Stitches Used:
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch

Holding both strands of yarn together, and using your fingers, chain 61. (this is pretty long, so you may need to adjust the number of chains. just make sure you have a multiple of ten, plus one.)
1 - Working back along the chains, sl st in first ch away from your finger. *ch 10, sk 9 chs, sl st in next ch; repeat from * five more times. You will end with a sl st in the last ch. If your series of chains are not matching up with the corresponding chain that you will be slip stitching in, then either chain some more or take a few chains out, until they match up. You don't have to be precise with this.
2 - ch 1, working back along the chains, *ch 10, sk 9 chs, sl st in next ch; repeat from * five more times.
3 & 4 - repeat row 2. fasten off. using the two strands of yarn held together, cut fringe and attach to the ends of the scarf in the chain where the slip stitches were made.

(The first two photos show what the scarf will look like when the rows are spread apart.)
*Please feel free to use my pattern, just don't claim it as your own. Please give credit where credit is due.

A testimonial on the scarf:
I wasn't sure how this would be received, but Small T gave it a thumbs up. She said it was pretty nice and that she would wear it. It was "different". I guess that's a good thing.