Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh....My....Gosh....Becky! you ever feel like you just can't get caught up? like you're beating your head against the wall.........that sort of thing? i feel that way today. ........sigh......i have so much that needs to be done and yet, i think i'm going to take a nap. i'm worn out. but all the driving this weekend was worth it. nothing like a good old family reunion to make your heart sing! i have lots and lots of photos that i took this weekend and i will share a few when i get them put on the computer.
alas, i have no news to share in regards to my crafting because.....i haven't done any this past week. it's horrible!!! i know!!! but i think i'm starting to feel inspired again. one source of inspiration is my nephew DK and his girlfriend Rosie. they are expecting a baby in august and this past saturday i put my hands on her tummy and talked to baby E and she kicked me. E needs some things made for her and that's right up my alley.
i also received a phone call last week from a nice lady asking me to put some of my handmade items back up at the dimestore. so....i need to find the time and do it. beloved doggies are finally back home after four days of being at the kennel, so i think i'm going to take Pepper and go have a nap! catch you all later!


  1. omg, Becky? I'm not sure what that means...but I love that baby E kicked you and said, hey i'm in here, i need stuff, you, i'll kick you into action. how cool is that?

  2. ms. debra. i cannot believe that you do not know the song "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Hmmm...we need to broaden your horizons. :) a phrase in the song is "oh my god becky...did you see her is so big". the girls did a cheer routine to it for competition.