Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dottie Angel Baby Blanket

These two wonderful skeins of yarn are set to become a Dottie Angel Baby Blanket. If you're wondering what a Dottie Angel blanket is, you can find the tutorial here . I'm changing mine up just a bit. I'm making it into a baby blanket and I'm only using two colors. I won't be adding the doilies either. I did one of these blankets last year and I love they way they look. This blanket will be for Baby E that's due in August. I'm getting ready to start on it in a little bit. I usually don't have two blankets going at once, but throw #2 is working up so fast and easy that I can't see a problem with having a second blanket going at the same time.


  1. total awesomeness!
    grins, debra

  2. i hope so. :) my nephew loves purple (and all it's glory) just like i do. so i hope this is good for the momma too.