Tuesday, June 7, 2011


it's been a busy start to the month of June! You would never know that school was out if you looked at my calender. I don't know what we would do if I ever stopped keeping a calendar. No one would be where they were supposed to be, that's for sure. Everyone checks the calendar at least a couple of times a day to make sure they know what's going on. We all get pretty excited when it gets misplaced too. It's not pretty! LOL There's an all out search until it's found.
We've been pretty busy with summer basketball league (Big C), summer rec softball (Small T), lifeguard certification class (Big C), working at the pool (me and Big C), dental appointments, eye doctor appointments, cardiac doctor appointments plus cardiac rehab (Big Daddy), oncology appointments (Medium J), the various summer camps (Church, FFA, Cheerleading and Sports) that the kids attend, an upcoming family reunion, and a variety other things. Sometimes I think that we have summer break from school just so we can get all the other things done that we aren't able to do during the school year. I wish we could just have a regular summer vacation and do nothing once in a while. That will probably happen AFTER the kids are all grown up and moved out. Then Big Daddy and I won't know what to do with ourselves as we'll have NOTHING to do.

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