Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Pattern Links

I'm looking up some free crochet patterns for baby blankets/afghans that I might make for Baby E. Here are a few links to some that I like.

Crocheted Dainty Baby Blankie Pattern http://www.premieryarns.com/patterns.php?id=80


  1. I adore the thermal stitch, tho I do like the classic coverlet, the sweet potato baby blanket {simple crochet on the ABOUT site}, and Bernat's beautiful baby blanket. I always worry about their lil fingers and toes getting caught in any sort of open mesh or loose stitches. I used a smaller hook with double stitch in a hexagon shape with softer yarns than red~heart's super saver but not the ultra soft baby yarns to make lil mats that the baby can rest on and push themselves up. That way there is always a clean spot on the floor for baby to be. {cuz my floors are ... not the cleanest they could be}

  2. my floors aren't the cleanest either. i try to make one "pretty" blanket and one blanket for every day use. so one is "holey" and one isn't. muffin man loves the star blanket. i made several of those last winter.