Sunday, November 25, 2012

Year Round Savings - Shopping Tip

Grocery Stores have certain products that cycle through regular sales.
Here is a "when to buy" guide.

January -
Low fat or low carb items including frozen meals, granola bars, diet sodas.
Super bowl favorites such as frozen appetizers, chips, dips, sodas and beer.
Boxed teas and soups.

February -
Canned foods including soups, fruits and vegetables.
Medicines, cold remedies and vitamins.

March -
Peanut butter and other peanut products.
Frozen meals, vegetables and fruits.

April -
Soy products like milk, burgers, tofu and bars.

May -
Memorial Day staples such as barbecue foods, soda, chips, condiments, buns, grilling spices and salad dressing; paper goods like plates, napkins and cups.
After Mother's Day, kitchen appliances, toasters, microwaves, food processors, mixers.

June -
Cheese, milk, cream, yogurt and other dairy products.
Ice cream, including bars, sandwiches and cones.

July -
Hot dogs, frozen hamburger patties and ground meat for the 4th of July, as well as condiments and barbeque staples.
School supplies.

August -
Back to school items like juice boxes, granola bars, canned fruit and other snacks.
Sunscreen and lotions.

September -
Breakfast foods including hot and cold cereals, oatmeal, frozen breakfast pastries, frozen breakfast sandwiches and pancake mix.
Labor Day staples like barbeque and party foods.

October -
Pasta and frozen pizza.
Pet food, grooming supplies and toys.

November -
Thanksgiving foods such as turkey, stuffing mix, soups, cranberries, canned veggies and yams.
Baking goods including flour, baking soda, sugar, cake mixes, frosting, pie crusts and frozen pies.

December -
Disposable containers, foil, wax paper and plastic wrap.

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