Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have found that "Inspiration" comes at those odd moments when you least expect it.
While browsing magazines in the waiting room at the hospital, I was inspired by "color".
 I love the combination of these colors....brown, tan and light green.  And gray, white and tan.
 The gray heather and orange.
 The heathery colors mixed in with the cream and light blue.
 The soft pastels with the muted earth tones.
 This color combo is appealing to me in an odd way.  I'm not usually drawn to these colors.
 I love the colors in this flower arrangement.  Yellow is not my favorite color, but I love it here!
 I'm really drawn to this bright green in the really "works" with the rest of the colors in the room.
And I absolutely love the blues and the orange here.
I'm astonished to find out that some of the color combinations that I liked here are not something I would normally choose in my home or in my crochet projects.  I think that might be subject to change now.
Where do you find YOUR inspiration?

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