Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shopping....and saving with coupons...

Today, I skipped working at the farm and went to the doctor for the dreaded ear ache (in both ears).  I needed to pick up a prescription and that involved a trip out of town.  So, when going out of town, we try to do everything possible in that one trip.  Today, Big Daddy and I decided to use my down time for a bit of Christmas shopping after the pharmacy trip.  I brought along my meager stash of coupons (that I will use) and with that in mind, we bought several gifts and saved money at the same time.
Here's what we bought at Dollar General:
1 pair of slippers at $6
1 package of Christmas lights at $6
2 pairs of earbuds at $3 each
2 boxes of Christmas cards at $1 each
2 pairs of slippers at $8 each minus $1.60 off each
2 pairs of thick heavy wool socks at $4 total minus 80 cents off
1 arctic knit hat at $5
20 pack of batteries at $5
2 packages of mini glass ornaments for our tiny tree at $1 each
3 (9 volt) batteries for the smoke detectors at $1 each
Total: $54.75 saved $4.00 on sale items (I did not use coupons at this store).  The only gifts out of this trip are the slippers and the earbuds.  The socks and hat are for me since I work outside in the cold and I'm freezing to death right now.  The batteries are essential, especially the ones for the smoke detectors.  It's that time of year to change them.

Then we went to Wal-Mart.  I cleaned up with my coupons here.
I bought:
Gillette Fusion razor and cartridge set for $5 (I could not use my coupon...but it was still cheaper than buying the items separately even using the coupon.  The cartridges are normally $13+ and the razor is around $7)
Dove for Men gift set $15
Olay Body Wash $2.97 and I had a $1.00 off coupon
Herbal Essences Hairspray and Heat Styling Gel at $3.37 each with a $1.00 off coupon when you buy 2
Playboy Miami Body Spray $3.97
Degree for Men Anti-Perspirant $2.32
2 boxes of Tampax Pearl Tampons at $4.18 each with a $2.50 coupon when you buy 2
2 packs of Gillette Venus Razors for Her at $7.47 each with a buy one get one free coupon
2 bottles of soda (20 oz.) for the trip home at $1.58 each
2 bottles of Preferred Stock cologne at $3.00 each
1 shave set including cup, brush and soap at $8.67
1 Peacoat for Small T at $39.96
My total was $114.46 and I saved $11.97 with the coupons.  Everything I bought, minus the soda and the tampons, will be included in my kids' Christmas gifts.  Plus, they were all things that we normally use.  All in all, I'm happy with everything that we bought....and I'm thrilled that I saved money while doing so.

This evening, Big Daddy and Medium J went to the grocery store for me since I'm not feeling well.  Era is on sale for $1.99 with a limit of 2.  I sent them both with enough money to buy 4 each (making 2 trips in and out).  The store didn't have any more on the shelf, or they would have bought a few more.  I'll have them try again tomorrow.  Era is the only laundry soap we can use due to allergies.  I try to only buy it when there's a sale like this.  Then, we'll buy 10 or more bottles and hope that it lasts until the next sale.  Era is normally $5.69 or more a bottle here in town.  With this trip, I'm saving $3.70 per bottle and with buying the 8 bottles we saved $29.60 and we only spent $15.92 plus tax.  Woo Hoo!

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