Friday, November 23, 2012


my family is vegging out.  We're watching movies.  So far, we've seen "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter", "Blackhawk Down", "Lockout", and we still have to watch "The Raven".  I spent a short amount of time during one of the movies crocheting three coasters for the new table.  I used Simply Soft yarn in Autumn Red and a size F crochet hook.  The coasters are simple.  Chain 22, hdc in the 3rd chain from the hook and in each chain across.  Chain 2, turn, hdc in each st across.  Repeat this for 12 rows total.  Then, sc around the entire edge of the coaster, putting 3 sc in each corner.  That's it.  I would have done a fourth coaster but I ran out of yarn.

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