Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday (Thanksgiving)...

We had a lot of family at our house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was wonderful!
As soon as they left, the kids started in with their usual arguing and fighting.  But, this time, they were playing, for the most part.  Luckily.
 Big C hiding from Small T.  
 Big C and Small T getting some licks in, after Small T bombarded him with rolls of toliet paper.
 Medium J getting in on the act, and being walloped by Big C.  Small T is walking away after getting a few licks in herself.
 Then I was rewarded by an unexpected gift.  A package of photos that my ex-husband found.
It included my graduation photos (from high school).
I can't believe how young I looked.
I also found this great bit of black mail.
A photo that included my four younger sisters.
I've already started the black mail process.  Ha!
Thursday evening, we hit the 8 pm sale at Wal-Mart.  Big Daddy, Big C, Small T and I went.  It was Small T's first year of going shopping on Black Friday.  We got everything we went there for and spent $167.64 which was well under my allotted budget.  Here's what we got:
4 pairs of Wrangler Jeans at $9.50 each
2 pairs of Rustler Jeans at $6 each
undershirts for $8
boxers for $8
17 movies at $1.96 each
5 TV series boxed sets at $9.96 each
and four 20 ounce soda's at $1.58 each for the thirsty shoppers
Overall, we saved $107.84 on our purchases.
Job well done!  And worth the chaos!

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