Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mini Lined Purse - Free Pattern

With Small T in recuperation mode, I had some time on the couch with her today.  I was looking for another project to work on (yes...I already have 2 WIP's going...but hey...a girl can always use another) and I decided to just go with the flow and make something floating around in my head.  This is what I came up with.
The "Mini Lined Purse"
 A little basic...but still cute.
Now, without further ado....on to the pattern.
 Mini Lined Purse - Free Pattern

Amethyst and Spring Green worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver)
Yellow Button
Size I crochet hook
Green Felt
Coordinating thread
Sewing Needle
Yarn Needle

With Amethyst, ch 18.
1- hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across.
2- ch 2, turn.  hdc in each st across.
3 thru 22- repeat row 2.
23- ch 2, turn.  hdc in next 6 sts, ch 10, hdc in next 7 sts.
24- ch 1, turn. sc in each st across, but NOT in the ch 10.  fasten off, weave in ends.
You will end up with this large rectangle.  Shown below.

 This photo below shows the ch 10 of row 23 and how it sticks out over row 24.
 Now we are ready to make the felt pocket.  For this, we need to fold the crocheted rectangle.  You will fold the bottom up to meet the bottom of the 5th row from the top.  Then we measure how big we need the felt to fit inside of this crocheted pocket.  My piece of felt  is 7 inches long and 4 inches wide.  Fold it over in half, pin it, and whip stitch the sides of the felt together with the sewing needle and thread.
 Then, insert the felt pocket into the crocheted pocket.  Pin the whole thing together and then whip stitch the side seams of the crocheted pocket together with the yarn needle and a long length of amethyst yarn.  Tie off and weave in ends.
 Then, sew the edge of the felt pocket to the inside of the crocheted pocket with your needle and thread.
 This is what it looks like when you're finished.  (Photo below)
 Now we are ready to make the braided strap.  Cut 9 lengths of yarn.  Use any combination that you want.  I chose to do equal amounts of the Amethyst and the Spring Green.  Divide the yarn into 3 sets of 3 and then braid it together.  Tie each of the ends in a knot.  Then sew the strap (just above the knot) to each side of the purse with your sewing needle and thread.
Now it's time to make the flower.
With Spring Green, ch 4, join.
1- work 5 sc in the circle.  join with a sl st to the first sc.
2- ch 1.  work (sc, 2 dc, sc) in the same st as the ch 1.  work (sc, 2 dc, sc) in each of the sts around.  you will have 5 petals when you are done.  join with a sl st to the beg sc.  finish off.  weave in ends.
Sew button to the center of the flower.  Sew flower to the front of the purse.  Make sure you line it up with the ch 10 which is the slips over the flower to hold the purse shut.

That's it.  That's the pattern for the Mini Lined Purse.  There are thousands of ways and color combo's that you can use to make your own.  I hope you enjoy the pattern.  If you make any purses, I would love to see them.  As always, please give credit and link back to my post if you use this pattern.  Happy Crocheting!

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