Friday, November 23, 2012


Tuesday night, we had some company arrive for a short stay.  They were all gone by 10:30 the next morning.
 Rose and Baby E (Rose is Baby E's mom and is standing next to the wall behind Grandma, my mom, and Baby E is sitting on my sister Dea's lap) and Grandma and my sister Lea and her friend Sis.  Wednesday morning, my sister Dea arrived for a quick visit before work.  Baby E is shown here opening her Christmas present since they won't see her before the holiday.  She got a teddy bear that sings the Army song (since her dad, my nephew, is in the army) and she did not like it.  She's shown pushing the bear back to Grandma.
 Baby E loves to have her photo taken and every time my flash would go off, she would turn to me and smile.  LOL
 Big Daddy was finishing the thawing process of the two twenty pound turkey's in my bath tub.  Hmmm...
I'm happy to say, it worked.  He had both turkey's thawed and cooked in record time.  We do all our cooking that's possible the day before the holiday.  In fact, we cooked 2 turkey's, 2 bone-in ham's, 144 dinner rolls (the kind that need to rise), 4 pumpkin pies, 24 hour salad, and a jello cake.  That left the mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, stuffing, and vegetable for the next day, which was Thanksgiving.
 Wednesday, while I was out and about running a few quick errands, Small T needed to stop at the greenhouse and water her poinsetta's.
 They are growing well.  And starting to turn red too.  They will be ready in about 2 weeks time.
 Small T also wanted to try out a recipe for the holiday dinner.  She made a Coca-Cola Cake.  It was something new to us.
Here's the finished product.  I'm happy to report that it was GREAT!  And I detest chocolate cake.
The link to the cake can be found here

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