Sunday, November 25, 2012


I've spent my time off during the holiday weekend working on Christmas gifts.  In particular, the "notebooks" that I will be giving out to select family members and friends.  While working on them, I came across some various color inspirations and a quote.
 I need this quote in my kitchen.  I'm all about good cooking, not gourmet cooking.  I don't like spending forever in the kitchen to get a meal on the table.
 Then I took a few photos of color combo's that I like.
Future inspiration for my crochet.
The blueish color and white or cream.
 I love this.  Lilac, Raspberry and Cherry.  Sort of.
 Red, white and cream.  Maybe?
 BOLD color stripes.
 Another bold palette.
This is like a burnt orange, black and cream.  Interesting.
For some strange reason, this color combo calls to me.

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