Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's Unfinished Projects

Well, the unfortunate has happened. I now have two "unfinished projects" sitting in my bag. I am using up my partial skeins of Simply Soft yarn and I "just knew" that I had enough yarn to make these hats. Well guess what? I didn't. *sigh* I hate it when that happens. The first hat is Simply Soft Peach and the second hat is Simply Soft Watermelon. I'm using a J hook for both. For the peach one, I have one and half rows left. For the watermelon one, I am on the last row. I guess that the one good thing that will come out of this is that I will get to buy another skein of each of these colors. Then, I will have enough to make a potato chip scarf to go with each! Woo Hoo! What luck! LOL What's that saying....inside every cloud there's a silver lining.....well, I've found mine for this situtation!!! So, instead of being totally bummed out, I'm looking on the bright side of things now!

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