Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scrap Yarn

I dug out all of my scraps or leftover Simply Soft yarn last night. I wanted to see how much I had of it. I'm trying to use of the smaller amounts of it for pin cushions. And then use the larger amounts of it for something else. But you know how it goes. You think these two colors would look great together and of course, they aren't both "smaller" amounts of yarn. use them both anyway. :) In any event, I was really surprised to have this much in the way of leftover or scrap Simply Soft yarn. I try to use it all up when I make something.'s good to be surprised! I have plans for all of this, that's for sure!


  1. simply soft would be great for making the hats for the VA! it's on the approved yarn list, and it is soft for tender balding heads {some due to age, most due to illness~~that's why they are at the hospital, after all}. I have lots of partial skeins of simply soft and I just bought some more so that I can get started on making those hats.

    I really like your sense of color and which combinations look good, so I bet your hats would be faves among the VA dudes!

  2. making some hats for the VA is on my list. i will be using simply soft basically because that's all i can get around here. plus, i like the way it feels too.
    sometimes i wonder about my sense of color combos but i just try to do my best with them. thanks for the great insight. i feel better about some of the colors i am sticking together now.