Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Tell Me...

what's in your fridge? Do you ever wonder what other people have in theirs? Hmmm... Makes you think, doesn't it? (Obviously, the 250 rolls are getting to me....warping my brain....but at least I have the first of the three last pans in the oven finally.) Anyway, back to the fridge. I never knew that one person could own so many salad dressings! Wow! I've got bunches of them! At least there's some healthy stuff in there....lots of bottled water....a couple of drawers of veggies......and some milk (2 separate gallons of it because I have 3 teens). Then, there's the leftovers in gallon bags (yep...we eat leftovers)....the birthday cupcake cake that's only half eaten......and dare I say it....the shelf of For emergencies. I will admit that I bought a 9 pack about 2 weeks ago and all 9 beers are still there. Taking up space. lol I won't show you the little hard liquor shelf on the cabinet beside the fridge. It's for emergencies too. And then there's the soda on the top shelf. We drink soda. I admit it. But if you look closely, we have way more water in the fridge than soda. Amazing, isn't it? What one family deems necessary to keep in the refrigerator. So here's a dare for all of you ladies out there.....I dare you to show me what's in your fridge!!!

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