Monday, April 18, 2011

Slouchy Hat

This is my final hat for the day. I think that puts me at 9 that I've made so far. I use this pattern for the basis and then do a few extra rows here and there in order to make it "slouchy". I used Red Heart yarn that's black with multi-colored flecks and a J hook. Since my normal model is asleep, I had to stand in for this hat. I was taking my own photo, so please ignore all the flaws (and my nightgown as well).

The slouchy hat has become quite popular at school among the girls. My daughter wears one of hers almost every day now. Then the girl that I made the purple hat for wore hers today. My daughter came home with a request for a hat. It ended up being quite funny because when she finished telling me ALL of her news from the day, I took her hand and asked her to repeat the part about the purple hat being worn at school all day. She grinned and did as I asked. LOL Then, my husband went to my middle son's baseball game tonight (I had to stay home as I'm sick) and when he came home he told me that one of the girls in the concession stand asked if he would pass a message on to me. Here's the message "Could you ask your wife to make me a black slouchy hat". LOL He said he can't go anywhere anymore without getting a request for me. Makes me feel good!

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